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Parnassius tianschanicus

Dorcadion irinae 

Parnassius  apollonius 


Acutodorcadion grande 

Everes ardiades 

Parnassius apollonius 

 Dorcadion crassipes glazunovi

Catocala neonympha 

Dorcadion absinthium ishkovi 

Parnassius apollo eggs 

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Some of the seasonally available species

dorcadion buy

Acutodorcadion kastekus

Now is available, A1 quality
Parnassius apollonius buy

Parnassius apollonius

Chrysalises are available in april-may
Butterflies are available all year round
Neoris huttoni pupae

Neoris huttoni

Chrysalises are available in may-august
Butterflies are available all year round

Hyles svetlana

15 $ per 1 pupa
dried material (M. - 10 $/ F. - 16 $)
2$ per 1 egg
Hyles svetlana larvae
Hyles svetlana larvae pupae
Hyles svetlana larva
dorcadion alexandris buy

Acutodorcadion alexandris

A1 quality - 12$ per 1 bug
Pair (male+female) - 22$
dorcadion alexandris
Neoris huttoni larvae
Neoris huttoni larva

Neoris huttoni

15 $ for 1 pupa
Dried material M. - 20 $/ F. - 35 $
1$ for 1 egg
Worldwide shipping

Neoris huttoni larva
absinthium ishkovi female
absinthium ishkovi


absinthium ishkovi

A1 quality - 15$ per 1 bug
Pair (male+female) - 28$
dorcadion absinthium ishkovi

Callisthenes elegans valentine, Carabus cicatricosus, Carabus hiekei etc.

Carabus amethystinus buy
Callisthenes elegans
Callisthenes elegans semenovi
dorcadion grande
dorcadion grande female

Acutodorcadion grande

A1 quality - 20$ per 1 bug
Pair (male+female) - 40$
Worldwide shipping

dorcadion grande
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