Entomological tours in Central Asia (Kazakhstan region)

* Due to the unusual circumstances related to the pandemic, you will just need to have a negative covid 19 test.

If you are interested in butterflies, moths, beetles or any other insects we organize entomological expeditions and help you in your research. Available specimens depends on the season. In general you can collect following species.

  • among pupae:
Parnassius apollonius aphrodite, Parnassius apollo merzbacheri , Parnassius tianshanicus tianshanicus, Theretra alecto, Papilio machaon, Hypermnestra helios, Arctia intercalaris, Neoris huttoni, Cerura przhewalskyi , Hyles svetlana, Hyles zygophylli, Hyles euphorbiae, Hyles hippophaes, Hyles nicaea , Rethera komarovi, Sphingonaepiopsis kuldjaensis, Smerinthus kindermani, Deilephila suellus etc.

  • among butterflies:
Colias ershoffi, Colias cocandica, Coenonympha mongolica, Coenonympha sunbecca, Chazara briseis, Proeterebia afra, Parnassius apollonius, Parnassius actius  minutus, Parnassius apollo merzbacheri, Parnassius delphius pulchra, Parnassius tianshanicus tianschanicus, Papilio machaon, Hypermnestra helios, Arctia intercalaris, Neoris huttoni, Nymphalis xanthomelas, Paralasa bogutena, Caranasa regeli, Hyponephele przhewalskyi, Cerura przhewalskyi, Satyrus ferula, Zegris eupheme.
  • among moths:
Rethera komarovi, Sphingonaepiopsis kuldjaensis, Smerinthus kindermani, Hyles svetlana, Hyles. zygophylli, Hyles euphorbiae euphorbiae, Hyles hippophaes, Hyles nicaea, Theretra alecto, Deilephila suellus.

  • among Cerambycidae:
Dorcadion grande, Dorcadion absinthium ishkovi, Dorcadion nivosum, Dorcadion absinthium absinthium, Dorcadion optatum vallesum, Dorcadion optatum kadyrbekovi, Dorcadion sokolovi, Dorcadion alexandris, Dorcadion kastekus, Dorcadion ninae, Dorcadion tianshanskii radkevitshi, Dorcadion suvorovi,Dorcadion pantherinum desertum, Dorcadion morozovi, Dorcadion semenovi  almatense, Dorcadion crassipes crassipes, Dorcadion crassipes glazunovi, Dorcadion unidiscale, Dorcadion suvorovianum koramense, Dorcadion suvorovianum karachokense, Dorcadion kapchagaicus, Placoederus scapularis, Psilotarsus hirticollis auliensis, Psilotarsus brachypterus pubiventris, Xylotrechus pantherinus, Apatophysis serricornis, Anoplistes forticornis, Turkaromia pruinosa, Anoplistes galusoi etc.
  • among Carabidae:
Carabus cicatricosus, Carabus aeneolus, Carabus sacarum, Callisthenes elegans danilevskyi, Callisthenes elegans semenovi, Callisthenes elegans amethystinus, Callisthenes elegans elegans, Callisthenes elegans manderstjernai, Carabus transiliensis, Callisthenes elegans valentine, Carabus erosus, Carabus cuman, Ceratophius mesasiaticus, Julodis variolaris, Carabus solskyi, Carabus hiekei, Carabus rustemi etc.
  • among Lepidoptera eggs:
Parnassius apollonius aphrodite Parnassius apollo merzbacheri, Parnassius tianshanicus tianshanicus, Papilio machaon, Hypermnestra helios, Arctia intercalaris, Neoris huttoni, Cerura przhewalskyi, Hyles svetlana, Hyles zygophylli, Hyles nicaea, Rethera komarovi, Sphigoneopsis kuldjaensis, Smerinthus kindermani, Deilephila suellus.
Payment for entomological expedition - 150 usd per 1 day for 1 person. Duration depends on your wishes and goals. Cost includes:
  1. vehicles with a driver, petrol (maximum 15 persons for 1 expedition)
  2. help of a professional local entomologist (English speaking)
  3. 3 times meal
  4. expedition equipment
  5. professional photos during the expedition
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Кавалер кинг-чарльз-спаниель
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